Snow Leopard Spaces Issue – Solved

Since my update to Snow Leopard I discovered a irregular problem with Spaces. Every now and then Spaces would not respond to my mouse button click which actually should activate it. This regularly happens after the first start. In most cases a reboot solved the problem – although it took several tries sometimes. All the time Spaces still was responding to key presses.

Since yesterday Spaces is not responding to my mouse button clicks anymore – no matter how often I reboot. It had nothing to do with caches nor does it conflict with any other software such as fusion, which is blamed to cause all kinds of Spaces‘-troubles in another blog.

Some background information:
– Mouse: Logitech G9
– Activate Spaces bound to Button 5 and F8
– This setup worked properly with Leopard

Howto solve

I figured out that I only need to change Activate Spaces to mouse button 3 temporarily. Then kill the Dock – and later change it back to button 5. This fix works only temporarily until the next reboot or the Docks death. Since I reboot once per day this is not a that big deal to me.
1. open Spaces config
2. set Activate Spaces to mouse 3
3. open Terminal
4. type „killall Dock“
5. set Activate Spaces to mouse 5

Eine Antwort zu “Snow Leopard Spaces Issue – Solved”

  1. Vielen Dank für den Trick!!!!

    Es funktioniert!

    Habe auch die G9 und möchte weder die Maus, noch Spaces, noch Sbowleopard missen.
    Logitech Control Center erkennt die Maus nicht und Steer Mouse hat seit Lion keine Spaces Option.

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